Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 3D Premiere



LMG teamed up with The Weinstein Company to deliver Sin City fans the first ever 3D Red Carpet Live Premiere on Tuesday, August 19th. Viewers at home could experience the 3D version of the premiere online using the NowLive Player or through Apple TV on 3D televisions.

3D Viewing

How to view 3D through the NowLive player:
1) Connect your 3D compatible display to your web connected computer.
2) Navigate to AOL or MovieFone.
3) Select the 3D channel in the nowlive player from stacked lines icon.
4) Move Player window to external 3D display and activate full screen mode.
5) Set display to horizontal top/bottom 3D configuration.
6) And enjoy your 3D programming.

For Apple TV:
To watch via Apple TV connected to a 3D compatible TV
1) Navigate to the stream on your apple device – iPhone or iPad. Be sure it is on the same network as your Apple TV.
2) Select the 3D channel tab.
3) When the stream loads on your device, select the “share” icon and select Apple TV.
4) Wait for the stream to load in Apple TV.
5) Configure your 3D compatible TV to the appropriate Horizontal, Top-Bottom 3D setting.
6) Enjoy.

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